About Me, Rosie

I have always loved fashion. I started reading fashion magazines as soon as I was able to, coveting the clothes shown in Seventeen magazine. 

Although I was a very active child, a standout athlete from an early age, I was always a bit more womanly than most of my friends. Finding clothes I loved was difficult then, and it still is. Although there are more options for "plus sized" or "curvy" women these days, I struggle to find clothing that suits my aesthetic, my curves, and my values. 

I know I am not alone. If you have ever Googled "ethical clothing" or "sustainable brands" for "plus sizes", you know the options are incredibly limited. It's quite depressing. 

After one of my many Google searches, I decided to be the change, so they say. Busy with a very demanding job, I looked into fashion design programs that would help people like me create a brand that aligns with their values. That's when I found Factory45

Over the next year things will change a lot here at ROSEGOLD Clothiers. I hope you'll join me on this journey.